An open letter to Warby Parker

Warby Parker Customer Service:

I’d like nothing more than to order glasses from your site, but the Netsuite shopping cart software you’re using is sabotaging your sales.

I have tried to checkout from your store in three different browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome). I have failed in all three. I have gotten farthest in Chrome, but the final checkout screen seems to think I want three high-index lenses. I should need only one, for my left eye, and certainly not three, as I’m a human, with two eyes. I have attached a screen shot of that final checkout page for reference. [Ed. – Not included]
Somehow, I’m still interested in buying a pair of glasses from your shop. This is what I’m going to do. In this Home Try-On box is also this letter, and a copy of my eyeglass prescription. I’d like a pair of the Sibley Whiskey Tortoise Matte frames, with that prescription. I’d like to pay $100. If you’re willing, please ship me those glasses, and a bill for not more than that price. If the glasses are good, I’ll mail you a check. If they’re not, I’ll send them back to you. If this deal is not acceptable, I’ll continue to go to my local optometrist for glasses.

Shoot me an email and tell me what you’d like to do.

[ I’m not posting my name on this blog, are you nuts!? ]


EDIT: All taken care of. Thanks, Warby Parker!