Eugene & Frances: Live! Tonight! Somewhat less than Sold Out!

Went to see the Vaselines last night, some photos taken by someone who isn’t me are here. Apparently not their first US tour. I got that wrong.

Crystal Stilts opened, that was not so great. I think girls do the Brand New Lo-Fi better than boys.

But the Vaselines – this was not some twee show like I expected. Three – count ’em, three! – guitars. Occasional use of a distortion pedal. It reminded me of Morrissey’s more recent, more muscular output since the Smiths dissolved. It seems that, if you were in a wuss rock (and I use that term with all due respect) band as a youth, you’re destined to find your inner Angus once you hit 40. Which isn’t so bad.

It’s strange to hear “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam” live. Nirvana covered it very close to the original.